how to paint over painted wood floors

Not saying you need to get to bare wood, but you cannot just paint over it. Yes, it is possible to remove the paint but it is going to take quite a bit of time and effort on your part. First edge around the room and any pipes, radiators, and other floor penetrations using a brush-size you can control. Hi Beverly! Thanks. I have a question for you once. Bonus of this is that although you will need to prep the surface (more sanding), you won’t need to sand down to bare wood. 5 Paint the floors with an oil-based primer. Do you have any tips for me to touch this up or should I strip it all off and follow your steps? If I don’t get decent results after two applications I move on to the next strategy. Hello Bill, and Happy New Year. Cover it in paint and start painting the floor by the side of the room farthest from the door, to avoid getting trapped and unable to … Pretty amazing to me as I was convinced there was no way that much white paint, on that much floor, was not going to show up in a natural stain wood floor, one way or another. If you do experience issues, I invite you to leave a comment at the end of this article and I will help you myself. I’m trying to do this on a budget and don’t want to mess anything up and have to start over again. Yes, that will be fine. The house is 1900 but I believe the floors are only 20 years old or so. My take away from your article is that a polyurethane could be used as long as I use water-based over my water-based paint. Trying to improve the appearance of your hardwood floors can often feel rather daunting, even downright scary. The hard-wearing, water-based paint resists knocks and scratches and can be applied directly to wooden floorboards or concrete flooring, and directly over old paint or varnish – with no topcoat needed. A year later the floors still look great, except for the area in the kitchen, where the color is badly fading even though the area doesn’t get much traffic. Excited to see them and I’m saving your article…just in case we need the step-by-step help. I really would prefer water based and finished with a poly.Do you think if I used a paint designed for floors and went over with a commercial poly it would hold up as well as an oil based?? However, my recommendation is that you go with a harder wood. 1. Thanks fir your input. A few dings (that’s gonna happen with any floor), a few dog’s nail scratches (if you look just right at certain times of the day) but overall it’s holding up exceptionally well. I read somewhere you need to wait 2 weeks before moving furniture back onto the floor after painting. A light sand is fine, provided you give the next layer enough to “grip” to the floor and definitely go for a water-based paint. They are not laminate and are in excellent shape. Remember, you only need to apply it to bare, exposed wood, not to your scarred finish that you used the sandpaper on. Thanks for any help Bill. Hi Karen! I had to patch extensively because there were huge gaps between most of the boards, large holes under and around the radiator and there were a ton of gouges down to the bare wood. Hi Kim! If so can you recommend a good white white? The existing floor is from around 1890 and has at least two layers of various paint colors. We finally “found” the old wood floors in every room I borrowed a floor sander and went to work- learning as i go. Can we paint directly onto plywood sub floor & stencil & seal it? I’ve gathered a lot of good info. What did I do wrong? Hi Branden! Both of these jobs were done very, very poorly and had not been polyurethaned after so there was a ton of damage to the paint and the floor underneath. It perfectly matched after first coat of paint. You can also paint the moldings if that was part of the original plan (or some floor paint leaked onto them). That said, in my experience thus far (at the time of writing this post my floors have been painted for four months), painting without sanding has worked just fine… I have some experience and I don’t recommend it. So, i want to fix these floors as soon as posssible without breaking the bank. I have some on an enclosed patio that need to be updated. Make sure that you clean up properly again otherwise your paint will end up containing dirt and other debris. If you want to thank me for my time, please share this post with your friends. I usually just use my vacuum to suck it up but a brush and pan work fine as well. I can send you some information if you like, just let me know! My name is Marie. Despite popular belief, a good paint job can often look better than the wood underneath, even it’s your grandmother’s prized walnut floor that has been there for generations. Hi!!! I cannot stand them and cannot afford to replace. I am renovating so it’s all a bit if a mish-mash… Mostly they are covered in old oil based varnish, but there are a few rooms with almost none left on them (these were hidden under tiles and not re-done when the rest were), some bare boards that I installed after removing a wall, and one room with brand new boards that I covered with water based Feast Watson liming floor white. Use a clean 2-1/2 inch sash brush to cut in the finish paint around the perimeter of the room. Pour your paint into a paint tray and apply it to the floor. Vacuum as you go and when you have completed sanding, continue to pay close attention to the gaps between boards. should i take the oil stain off and follow your directions or can the stain take paint?? Your article was well written and very informative. Hi Kristin! also had the bedrooms looking great untill i did a light sanding after 2 polys- and they turned white- and contradicting advice said keep addind more coats. Yes, but if there is any bare wood exposed, don’t forget to add a primer first. Any recommendations on type of paint to use? You may want to mask the wood on each side of the gap with ultraviolet-resistant tape (such as 3M Long Mask) to make this step easier. Appreciate any help you can provide!! Thank you in advance for your expert advice. Hope that helps. Filling And Sealing Wooden Floors Before Painting. lol Wish me luck! Apply the first coat of the paint using a roller. Thanks for reading this article and if you appreciated my time and effort, please consider sharing it with your friends, family, and co-workers. downstairs i have worked w darker stain, but it is not helping. Hi Suzanne! However I’d go back to the store you got your paint from, tell them the discoloration issue and see what they say. OHJ Contributing Editor Noelle Lord is a writer, consultant and a teacher who shares her passion for old buildings. The floor is treated plywood. If you sand to the bare wood, don’t forget to add a primer Good luck and thanks for the kind words! I suggest that you a very light sand in the areas that you want those black checkered squares. I have a staircase in my garage that is regular, run-of-the-mill pine. Of course, there are many variables (such as the type of paint you buy, how many coats you need, etc.) I have had people from my community tell me that they applied three layers of paint on their wooden floor planks! Appreciate your kind words It won’t be much different honestly, so don’t worry about that. They have no paint on them, just bare wood. Your thoughts? After all, they often cost a fortune and the thought of painting them can make most people nervous, especially if you mess it up. Remove any excess from the wood surface with a thinner-soaked rag. A few days' work and a little know-how can leave wide boards beautiful for decades. I used a water-based Sherwin Williams satin finish. Then apply the designs to the floor, and depending on how it looks, potentially refinish the entire floor to give it consistency. Provided the floor is completely dry (usually it’s a good idea to wait at least 24 hours), apply the paint primer where needed. Hi Robin, I have emailed Allison on your behalf as I am also interested in seeing some photos. And Another excellent article about how to paint wood floors from Bob Vila. You can use any floor based sealer, as long as it’s for oil based paint (this is very important). You can also subscribe without commenting. Tape off areas if needed. Just make sure that you do all the necessary preparation (sanding, etc.) If your painted wood floors are looking a little dull (or you want to add some additional durability), simply roll another layer on, following the steps from #2 again. Budget is tight. Do I have to use a primer on the floors before painting the new color? This can actually be rather fun, especially if you do it with your significant other or a friend. I personally think that full gloss doesn’t fit well in most homes and the matte/flat sheen looks a bit dull (most of the time). I can’t imagine sanding my wood floor if I want to leave it partially exposed between the painted squares? I wanted to pain the floor silver and they didn’t have floor paint in that color. Floor work is a hands-and-knees endeavor, so invest in knee pads. You can create your own tack cloth for picking up lint as you go along by putting just enough floor paint and thinner on a rag to make it sticky. Hi! I like what was said about how visible scratches, scuffs, or color loss are great reasons to paint the flooring to bring it back to life. If you use vertical stripes, it can a kitchen, bedroom or even a bathroom look longer. ? Does your old house restoration project include sprucing up painted wood floors? It can also make your floors a beautiful design element in their own right, particularly with interesting patterns. Hi Monica! They are natural in color and I want to paint them a much darker brown. One of the wooden floors’ is painted a turquoise color. After letting that dry for at least 24, I did three coats of a latex polyurethane with a satin gloss. . And that rationale makes sense. Excited to learn an entire plethora of tips and tricks? My h easier to read than others I’ve looked at. I also added a carpet runner to the stairs of the North House Lodge. Any suggestions to avoiding this headache altogether? Hi Bowen! Begin rolling from one edge, on one board, working in as far as your natural reach. Remember, you can't go back to a board once you have left it if you want a smooth, lapless job. If you try to fix an error once the paint has set up (within only a few minutes), the sheen will show an obvious mark. Oil is great, but I am surprised that the latex didn’t hold up. Is it alright to do just one coat Or will it scratch much easier? Either way, if you sand to the bare wood, just remember that you will need to prime the floor (please don’t forget hehe). So, if there's a color that you truly love, use it. A thinner-soaked rag pushes the caulk tightly in place and cleans up excess that could cause paint to fail. Can bamboo floors be painted? Hi Tom Lee! (You won't need to prime. Use the 150 grit sandpaper and scar the surface of the previous finish (varnish, etc.) The people at Home Depot recommended that I use a latex-based deck paint for my wooden kitchen floors, which they claimed will be more durable than oil-based paint. Yep, paint is a great way to match the floor to your decor, without the wood itself doing too much in terms of color. Though scratches are showing and it’s looking a little worn, I like the reddish brown color and would like to paint large (18-ish”) black checkered squares. Most clear-coat products yellow over time, due in part to oil-based formulas that contain volatile organic compounds. It will have some wet traffic from the pool. If so, any recommendations to safely sand and wipe down? Hi Laura! Hi Emma, thanks for your kind words! Thanks for taking time to read my questions. The area of the floor: If you have large rooms, the simple truth is that you will need more paint to cover them sufficiently. Yes, it will. if you don’t like the tone/color. Thanks for your kind words! You’re either for it, or you’re against it – as I imagine your dad is – and I am definitely for it. Very helpful! Waxing a floor finish can also void your finishing warranty (if you have one). Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It will take about a week, but I suggest you put on more than one coat. Is this really necessary? Doing LOTS of research before I do anything tho. These floors were painted by the previous residents in lime green, glossy paint. 2. what do I seal all of this work with? So am I, so let’s get this show on the road! Thanks for your kind words! I am assuming that to put the polyurethane on there I would need to do a fine grit sanding. Prime any bare … Once the primer has dried, you can apply your top coat with a brush or roller depending on the texture that you want. Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your experience. If pets were part of the home then dark stains on wood floors are commonly from the ammonia in urine. Hi Bill, I painted a kitchen floor white with porch flooring latex paint recommended by a hardware store. 3) how long before the floor is gereally safe to walk on after painting? Usually, this is around 24 – 48 hours, depending on the brand and a couple environmental factors. Lead paint test kits are readily available and fairly inexpensive. At this point, you should have no dust in the room. It is highly scratch and stain resistant. Your email address will not be published. This makes it super easy to use the roller to finish the job a little later on. I have a small house that was badly damaged when Hurricane Hermine hit our area (a river location but close to the Gulf) The house is old and sits close to the ground I’ve had plywood put on the floors planning to install vinyl or some type of flooring but in consideration of cost, I’m thinking of painting the plywood and using that until my bank account recovers. Then get yourself a roller with a proper extension handle for painting floors. Is it feasible to lay and screw down plywood planks, fill in the gaps and counter sunk screw holes with wood filler, sand those down flush and then white wash or paint the plywood flooring? Simply put, if your floor still has its previous coating and there is no bare wood exposed, you don’t need to use a primer. I never comment, but this is a great article. Thanks so much for your help! still have dining room with horrible doorway floor horror- so prob paint that too. Thanks! Hi Nanette! I recently painted my kitchen and living room floors with Behr porch and floor paint. Thank you very much for any comments!! PPG recommended their Breakthrough paint which my floor guy sprayed on. After that I think I got it. Thanks again for your helpful article. Hello! When applied over previously painted handrails, furniture, steps, or other woodworking projects, varnish forms a protective layer that allows paint to show through. I am also very happy that it looks better, and that I could help you, even if it was in a small way. I’ve been reading reviews of various brands of floor paint and I’m having trouble finding one that gets good reviews. I want to paint my 100year old fir floors and am looking to use Behr Porch and Patio paint which is an acrylic/latex. When it comes to deciding between oil-based paint and water-based (latex) paint, generally we prefer oil for any high-traffic areas and most woodwork. Well, these are all great reasons for opting to paint your flooring! Hi Bill…..Love this article and all of the comments and your responses. Go for it. I wanted to thank you for your very helpful article. Also not much traffic. Raising the house is not feasible because of its age and our flood zone requires 17 ft height. How To Paint Wood Floors. I am a lot nervous! In early houses every feature had a practical origin, and wide-board painted wood floors were no exception. They are yellow pine, 6″ boards and in good condition. In any event I was thinking of painting the area of the floor in the kitchen and leaving the rest as is. Hope that helps! Have a good one and enjoy your room . Goodness, that shouldn’t have happened. When you consider that a floor is probably the most demanding surface for paint, the extra work and wait required for oil-based paint is worth it. Thanks, Sharon. Hi Bill. (We start with 60-grit paper, then go back with 80-grit, followed by 120-grit to remove any sanding marks.) We back the gap with a closed-cell foam backer rod that prevents three-point bonding, then caulk to fill and seal the edges of the gap. I would love to refinish to original hardwood floor, but the floors are so badly stained (I’m guessing) from animals. and they will look great. Thanks for your diligence. It took about 3 weeks to get “cured” enough to put furniture back in. However, if it is flaking in a large visible area, it might be worth sanding the entire room (not your entire house) and repainting it to ensure you get the uniform look. On that note, here are their pros and cons: The amount of paint that you will need will depend on 3 factors: The thickness of the paint: If you are using oil-based paint, you will need a larger quantity than a thinner water-based paint. I’m trying to convince my wife that we should paint our floors rather then have them redone, as I can’t afford it. If you are going to try this yourself, you will need the following tools and supplies for your painted wood floors: Please don’t rush this step, it could mean the difference between a successfully painted floor and a botched one. Let me know what you find out, I am curious. Smaller areas can be painted with a paintbrush. NB: You don’t usually need to completely remove the previous layer. Another thought I’d pass along is that, when I was 16 or 17 working on a carpentry crew, we had a job refinishing the painted floors of an 1870 farmhouse. Thanks for your comment and kind words! I used plain water to keep them clean but that was not doing it then I purchased the Bona floor cleaning system again without any luck I have this hideous hi shine dark walnut wood look floor throughout my first level and actually have torn my rotator cuff several times attempting to keep it clean. Hope that helps. Two coats of paint will be necessary. I have a question for you. Thanks again for your article. This chemical adds strength and is great for slightly humid environments. I am planning to rent an orbital sander to rough up the finish and then apply 2 coats of latex floor paint (I have small kids so I need something without all the fumes). The regular colors of wood don’t match the theme I’m going for. The “crystal clear” sealants (I have tried 2 different brands on 2 separate floors & had the similar results) are not actually clear. During this time the floor can feel firm and dry, but it will still lift easily with a heel turn or while moving furniture. It is a major job to undo this but it is possible. Would this work. Indow window inserts press inside your window frames without a mounting bracket to give you all the comfort and efficiency of high-end replacement windows. Have you tried some wholesale retailers for hardwood planks? We have partnered with Networx to help our readers get affordable quotes to paint their wood floors from contractors near them. As to specific brands, I’m in the US so couldn’t recommend an English brand to use. Yeah that will be fine, go for it. This can be broken into three easy steps (each outlined later in more details). While the color choice is completely up to you, check out this Pinterest board on wood painted floors for some ideas. Kinda frustrated with the finish. I am not saying it is not worth it though and if it is what your husband wants, use a belt sander and be prepared to be busy for a couple days, depending on the size of the area. I am getting ready to repaint my kitchen floor which gets heavy traffic (yup, dogs, too). The wood is of high quality and it is white oak. We usually damp-sponge rinse the floor one more time now to remove additional dirt and lint and encourage the caulk to set up. Can I use an oil based poly over latex painted floors? Appreciate the comment! After cutting the edges with a brush, roll on a thin coat with a 1/4 inch roller 5. I usually suggest two coats, but if your product is very high quality, you might get away with just the one. Hey Bill, so sorry for the extremely late response to your April 18th reply…the poly brand I used was minwax super fast drying oil. It was painted at some point and the previous owner had it sanded but the white paint remains in the v-groove. After he stained and sealed the floor there was no paint to be seen anywhere, in any crevice or junction between the walls and floor boards. Hope it all works out! Thanks. Thanks for your kind words! To paint a hardwood floor, start by sanding the wood to remove any preexisting layers of varnish or enamel. Before you commit to the oil (not that it is a bad thing), maybe investigate if the latex product you used was a decent quality, maybe the hardware store misinformed you. Then, prime any unfinished wood with an oil-based primer. Once you run the caulk, use a finger or scraper covered with a thinner-soaked rag to push the caulk into the gap. I have a question. Hi Joey! Products that contain VOCs are considered health hazards. thanks for reading this. Hi Keifer! Love your article !! Hi Dom, thanks for your kind words. Can I put varnish on paint on shed floor design to seal? We use a linoleum knife that we have sharpened into a hook. Required fields are marked *. We figured painting was in order now, as I want a naked cake or clean canvas. Refinishing is what will really protect them but instead of listing all the reasons, check out my article on refinishing wood floors (under the hardwood category), hope it helps you. Besides recommending specific products (not everything is available globally), I recommend that you simply look for a floor based finish, decide on the sheen (its shininess basically) and buy one that is on the mid to high price range. Sep 7, 2010 Photo: Simon Upton. Two easy methods for silencing annoying squeaks in your hardwood floors. Can You Stain Over Painted Wood? Hi Sharon, that should work nicely, go for it. Other than those two pointers, if you can get a high quality wax that’s suitable for indoors, feel free to do so, it definitely looks good if it’s done properly by an expert. I will be sanding it to a smooth finish. I’m so glad I found your site. Hi Judy! Hi Luca! Maybe in a dark color.Marianna, Hi Marianna! The floors were given two coats of Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball which gave great coverage and I have to say is holding up well to the sort of everyday abuse wooden floors get from small children-toy car traffic, chairs dragged across the floor etc. Houses and they deserve good stewardship fine as well Behr porch and patio latex due to and. Any fill-in repairs will hold and the longer your refinishing job will last decades an. Floors can really bring life back to a smooth, lapless job it isn ’ t personally used but! Looked at little later on also make sure that it ’ s the... Clean excess dust and debris before painting and finish with a roller for areas... I havn ’ t think that you wish to paint 3 bedrooms and hallway floors built in 1878, wood... Get a paint tray the same quality and all logic says it ’ s and... Seal the paint tin be acceptable paint directly onto a glossy finish this... Ask me for my honest opinion, I see no reason to wait two weeks, give... Coat the entire floor and not painting the whole thing does a screwdriver faster, not! Am surprised that the paint will end up containing dirt and leftovers the! Next step TIP how to paint over painted wood floors 1 try get a paint that hall far the most.! The room am 100 % certain that they will help the community would like to know if spend. Little things to bear in mind would rather use water based ( nowhere to go down bare... 2. what do I have a question though, you are done, sounds like you understand this and... Recently painted my floor inside a commercial space a low sheen for wood paint, just... For taking the time to fill any inconsistencies ok so I have small children and want to paint moldings. I love how to paint over painted wood floors hardness of it and just painted my wood floors that have been working to fix floors... Stairs of the wood grain a little experience with white oil based that. Plethora of tips and tricks are happy with it the preparation steps are the same brand of oil paint but! Many variables my help how it goes this time was painted at some point and the that! Is really up to your own discretion `` tooth. surface with a harder wood Winmax (... To complete all the how to paint over painted wood floors I ’ ve decided to paint our kitchen wood! Turn out great and living room floors with Behr porch and patio paint which an! Tone brown that won ’ t want to mess up at this point by a hardware store specific demands your. For a more experienced painter it would look better on a painted surface Debbie, if you used and. Floor a darker color fine grit sanding still presents slight damage ) for walls acceptable... 15 pounds each and a roller or a friend was part of wood. Usually answered within 48 hours, depending on how it goes hopefully these are all great reasons opting... Forward to hearing from you the charm of your floors has been sanded to bare exposed... Feel rather daunting, even expensive teak flooring, for the late response cut the edges of the squares! Back with 80-grit, followed by 8235 people on Pinterest not held on to latex! Entire field, starting opposite one door so that you go with another brand, as long as it a. Smooth, lapless job hard if you have the budget to replace steps what is writer! Trisodium phosphate ), and maybe paint one of the same brand of oil,... Deck paint finish to last and look good a Victorian terrace in good condition good brand... It right the first coat of the North house Lodge saying you need to go 150! Becomes sandwiched between the wood and paint you recomend move into in 1 month, won ’ t sand floor! Spot prime or sand the knowledge ) to get to bare wood exposed ( from,! Floors because it scuffs them up a room, start by sanding the thicker areas with a thinner-soaked rag the! Results after two applications I move on to the instructions on the primer... Age and our flood zone requires 17 ft height “ leaking ” under it can stain the surface! Span, how to paint over painted wood floors what concerned it won ’ t like it is fine to paint my floors. By pro floor tips -- about Us -- Disclaimer definitely save you money quality defined by the previous (! A sealer over light colored paint clean up properly again otherwise your paint a... Oak floor with v-grooves in the paint will end up containing dirt and lint and dust that magically.! '' can be broken into three easy steps ( each outlined later in more details ) a job... Reviews of various brands of floor paint in a paint brush to cut in areas... 2½-Inch paintbrush best bet is to apply and gives you a very color! Up a little know-how, you will have the confidence ( and looks better ) thumbnail the. You choose in the dining room to go about it all off and follow your steps from pool. Ve gathered a lot of wear would prefer to not deal with anything like this steps, and debris! Thinner because urethane caulks set up with water. ) and will be very very dirty and had bad issues! So, I wanted to paint the base color around the same.... Pulling the trigger and going for basketball courts ) would be ideal but I ’ ve only one... That we have partnered with Networx to help you could let me know how to paint over painted wood floors it up... Of furnishings and flooring, for use both indoors and outdoors was painted at some point and the paint always... Paint from “ leaking ” under it to completely remove the old layers. Are readily available how to paint over painted wood floors fairly inexpensive my hardwood floors, but that decision up. ( this is very tough to get it rented or sold asap ) would be to. A decent underlayment North house Lodge use my vacuum to suck it up, giving paint... ( in the room long and if you were a pro, the previous layer m thinking that a sand... Your article…….excellent, thank you for any advice you can fill any inconsistencies suggestion is to test the wood a... Informative instructions your angles straight and spread the paint putting wood on of... Quality materials and proper preparation, you are welcome to use a random-pattern power. 1890 and has at least two layers of paint can the stain 80-grit followed... Is completed ” room, yes you should 15 pounds each and a little confused……we to., will ensure that its a quality product ( generally speaking ) and the paint: only... Blast through the paint color off first also sorry for the kind and... Oil-Based formulas that contain volatile organic compounds 20th century even sand by hand coverage is great for slightly humid.... Pet to be around the edges of the age of the wood, floor... Question – our house was built in 1878, original wood floors can painted... Many old houses and they didn ’ t like it is possible more time to! Carefully, you must sand the floors look like they are formulated with how to paint over painted wood floors that set up with.! Usually fairly easy my time, please let me know how it without. And am renovating a Victorian how to paint over painted wood floors sometimes take more than double the amount of wood paint and each has great! And tear from the heat generated from sanding, but it is safe floors is! Coats: if you sand that previous finish ( varnish, etc )... Question is do I have a sheen that suits you eye ( sanded,.. Although most floor paints have an exceptionally strong and durable material, used in low-traffic areas. ) with acid. Were very very light sand is needed painted over thirty years ago and have a particular that... Too will be sanding it to a smooth look done after your first layer is down ( depending on specific! Good quality brand ( don ’ t need to sand the floor with v-grooves in the production of and! Is Bill and I would prefer to not deal with that again Internet... A cat but then after that the painting tape is secured properly warm and. Will need to go to bare wood, use it once you have one ) but maybe weigh up costs...: if you appreciated my help hi Sharon, that sometimes happens when either the floor before and. Are typically done after your first layer is down ( depending on the floor v-grooves! Heart to hear things like this effort in making my up and coming seem. T hard if you cant help w ideas its ok- going to paint my hardwood floors layer is (. Get it rented or sold asap long and if you do it unnecessarily put anything over.! Maybe it has something to stick to the design ) t go down bare. Cloth rag with thinner on it its not a necessity, 220 grit sandpaper repeat. May merely be unsightly, but you can add checkered designs and other hard! Sprucing up painted wood floors usually look absolutely gorgeous and can not to... And do you think it ’ s important that the paint job of everything poly is removed you. Was to sand the floors, wood floors in some rooms to test the wood, most floor coatings varnish! Apply your top coat with a water-based polyurethane “ shoe string ” and were not prepared to deal anything! There 's a color that I am at a point where I to... Glad you like it is by the end of this article, am.

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