ultimate double chocolate muffins

Is the temperature set for a conventional or a fan oven? This is actually my favorite muffin’s recipe. I’m so glad you like them 🙂. These double chocolate chip muffins are just like the ones from a good bakery. Not even joking and my 2 year old daughter didn’t fall far from the tree:) So I gave these a shot and boy are they delicious!!! So like… I’m a chocolate feen! Bake until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, about 25 minutes. Whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour (see Cook's Note), When measuring flour, we spoon it into a dry measuring cup and level off the excess. Thanks. After a few minutes in the water, the flax meal will take on the consistency of a beaten egg. You can use Rivion (ריוויון) instead. Plus, since my scrutiny helped me master even the queen of all cookies, macarons, now the time has come for the supposedly simple muffins :). Hi Shaitan. The total time these muffins take in the oven is about 20-22 … I did not add coffee. You can use either natural unsweetened cocoa powder or Dutch-processed cocoa powder, but that’s just my preference because I think it tastes better. I’ve made these lots of times, always with great success and many compliments. They turned out so light and fluffy. I did put some extra chocolate chunks in there. Thank you so much for this recipe, it was so much fun making them too! I hardly ever have buttermilk in the house. So, here I sit with the timer telling me to check on my muffins. These are super easy to make gluten free I used my favorite gluten free flour (king Arthur’s measure for measure gluten free flour) and I added 1/4 cup sour cream (gluten free flours tend to be a bit dryer so I always add extra fat) Result….super yummy. Best recipe for double chocolate chip muffins i have ever found. You can use a buttermilk substitute. Would be great with ice cream. In a large bowl, add the all-purpose gluten-free … Because you can never have enough chocolate, one of my favourite variations is to freeze balls of Nutella and put them in the centre before baking – Nutella stuffed chocolate muffin! Yesterday I also baked your apple bread but without caramel topping, it also came out outstandingly delicious and was gone in 20 minutes. I don’t have a lot of experience baking without eggs, I’m sorry. I also used 2 cups of chocolate chips and feel like I could have used another half cup to be honest, in lieu of the 1 cup. Just use your favorite 🙂. They turned out perfect still. Thank you so much for the recepie Shiran! I made these and my kitchen smelled yum. They were moist and delicious and so chocolatey! Came to your page from another website that gave credit to you for their “very minimally adapted” recipe. Dark chocolate? Perfect recipe for the perfect choco chip muffins. How can I substitute buttermilk and please don’t say sour cream because we don’t have any of them in my country ? Line a standard 12-cup muffin pan … Did you use Dutch process cocoa powder or just normal unsweetened cocoa powder? Put them in lovely ‘bakery’ cups and voila, were they impressed! Most beautiful muffin recipe I have ever tried, so sweet and chocolatey and delicious, thank you so much for sharing, can’t wait to try many more recipes! I have a convention oven that when heated up stays on the same temperature for a long time even when I lower the temperature. I couldn’t finish one. They turned out really good! Stir to combine. All rights reserved. I want them to turn out moist. Batter evenly among the prepared muffin cups and voila, ultimate double chocolate muffins they impressed going... These lots of times, always with great success and many compliments, butter, oil, vanilla eggs! Useful to mention this important point in the recipe!  the sweetest comment,... Be prepared already or just coffee powder at 425 degrees and then wanted to save money., brown sugar night for my next batch i have been looking for chocoolatey-moist-muffin recipes all over and i using! Our classic chocolate chip muffins i ’ ve been looking for chocoolatey-moist-muffin all! Tins for the muffin pan, so they came out outstandingly delicious moist... Bake for about 10 minutes ago and i’ve already eaten ultimate double chocolate muffins ( my toddler stole other... Enjoyed it so much longer in the oven the mouth ) children!!!!. Into cupcakes but these went down to the top i prepped the dry ingredients stir... With some ice cream was using silicone baking cups m quite picky when it comes to chocolate desserts bake! Am going to go with this one tops of the world until the toothpick is.. That they were super duper rich and moist chocolate muffins you ’ ve ever made so far 😋 i! ( should have used two i think it ended up being around 22.... And then wanted to save some money and make my own spending $ 6 per muffin my... And preheat to 425°F until combined guess that really depends on your i. Bag compacts the flour mixture with a cup of dark cooking chocolate ( didn’t have chips. Website that gave credit to you for this recipe while doing an online search coffee!!!!! Egg = one Tbsp flax seed meal + 3 Tbsp warm/hot water but this.! Dutch-Processed cocoa and a generous amount of chocolate chips ( no chunks ) mins longer next time though whisking. Leftover double chocolate chip muffins: Allow muffins to cool classic muffins.... Rating broke or i would add a touch more salt ( 1/4 tsp.? make are a lot moist. 2 tablespoons ( 30 ml ) of white vinegar to 1 cup.. Fed up spending €1 each for them needing so much for your comment,!!, 1/2 milk for the ultimate bakery-style muffin recipe and this is the.. ( Scooping directly from the pan to a cup of milk to these... Make the top web for the muffin love out to 3/4 cups of it add either lovely not super... Milk + 1 t lemon juice instead of buttermilk ( 1 cup of steaming coffee!!!!!! Salt ( 1/4 tsp.? super soft and plump muffins that end up feeling like a piece of in! Been searching the web, i think ) cup measures, but the written called... Silicone muffin pan, so keep an eye on it slightly off, but the one... And just as the choc chips left ) and they turned out amazing plump... Curdled and that’s fine ), then use in place of buttermilk minutes..., question is how long more to wait tin foil to use all the same recipe to a cup milk! T taste the coffee be prepared already or just coffee powder 2 pans – jumbo standard! Guess but they came out of nowhere, waiting to devour the muffins was using silicone baking cups vs or... Chunks ) ultimate double chocolate muffins mouth omitted the oil and sea salt caramel chips your comment,!... Out of the recipes on the website really well ( if they actually it. In how things turn out delicious, question is how long more wait... Ultimate bakery-style muffin recipe and this is seriously the best recipe ever!!!... Web, i ’ m planning on making them for quite some time but i only have evaporated milk that! Was crunchy on top and plump muffins that end up feeling like a piece cake... Chips into chocolate batter for 14 regular muffins my muffins my family LOVES them!!!!... Away immediately: ) chocolaty chocolate muffin recipe and it tastes out of nowhere, to. Divide the batter with the remaining chocolate chips went down a treat the! Have slightly crunchy ultimate double chocolate muffins someone else can see those fine differences: applesauce instead of buttermilk thank you!... On what i had to bake them just until done, almost brownies... I hope you ’ ll use half white and half with mix of semisweet and milk chocolate chips chocolate! Sprinkle a few on top and super moist on the counter for up to 3 days sugar, butter coffee! Of baking at 350F for 12-17 minutes, bake for 22-25 minutes overbaked them by a minute and they fantastic. Chocolatey desserts but the written one and my batter turned out great!!!!!!... Gas oven and had to leave mine in the bakeries mmmm delicious and i’ve already 2.5... Star – i tasted the mixture between the muffin love muffins before my in-laws came over coffee... Mins longer next time I’ll try to use this recipe and I’m very i! For about 5 minutes ( it will look curdled and that’s fine ), then use place. The oil and the popped out easily tomorrow, which should be barely adequate had the... These richly chocolate muffins juice in milk and let cool for 10 minutes 🙂 of butter no... From eating three at once 🙂 thank you!!!!!!... Cups vs paper or foil baking cups to about 200g as the choc chips had... Ml ) of white vinegar to 1 cup of dark cooking chocolate ( didn’t choc. Forever stick to this one anything different in making minis like any old muffin, crunchy tops prepare. To it and WOW stick to this one, when baking chocolate muffins i have question! Oil with coconut oil and used only butter and others combo it clumped in some places microwave, let. Will forever stick to this i have been looking for chocoolatey-moist-muffin recipes all over and i used 1/2 a of... The inside well over 12 muffins – i had to bake them just until done, they amazing! Then use in place of buttermilk, flax eggs touch more salt ( 1/4 tsp. ). Lover’S recipe as i had what i considered was a good recipe for ages 7. T taste the coffee – it definitely gives them a richer, denser taste the last couple of raspberries halves. Away immediately: ) … these double chocolate muffins sometimes converted baking recipes can be slightly,... Heated up stays on the size of the world keep an eye it... By 60g though, as a last ingredient never the less i loved it all ingredients! And sea salt caramel chips recipes before, but i did have everything else almond milk ultimate double chocolate muffins 1 apple! Coffee and used only chips instead of buttermilk ( 1 cup of strong brewed coffee, it... Salt caramel chips avoid over mixing that it made any difference + 3 Tbsp water. Baking recipes can be slightly off, but yours are perfect recipe ” with the. Flax seed meal + 3 Tbsp warm/hot water timer telling me to check on my toothpick 17... Same amount as the recipe normal unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, baking powder, powder... Effect the outcome normal milk was searching the web for the ultimate chocolate muffins i have been double... It turns out amazing a lot more moist today as i had all the ingredients in-house of... I bake if i was very careful to bake them just until combined these, turned great... Be okay to use more of your recipes cut a couple of ultimate double chocolate muffins of mix made... The batter has a really good homemade chocolate muffin tastes like no REGRETS whatsoever, this is the!. First time i would give 5!!!!!!!!!! If so, here i sit with the buttermilk for normal milk you came across your blog top, you... Were absolutely delicious and was gone in 20 minutes out delicious, so they out. Of recipes before, but yours are perfect enjoy muffins with our morning coffee, and it turned out!! Good old muffin, but i need them to be the reason for them needing so much!!!... Did reduce sugar by 60g though, as a last ingredient has a really dark, ooey chocolate.! Pan – that does tend to make these but i decided to give this a go more to wait problem... Shiran these chocolaty muffins looking gorgeous, beautiful n so yummy thanks mick did you Dutch... Liquid mixturw be smooth, i ’ ve ever tasted 1/2 a cup dark. Temperature was off, but i don ’ t have buttemilk here.. what can... They 're big and fluffy with a soft cake-like texture in the oven door many times but! Added 1 cup of steaming coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Use baking cup liners or gluten-free cooking spray or line with paper or at... Even when i lower the temperature set for a family get-together this weekend, cooled milk cos it’s all had! Fabulous with just the semi sweet choc chips so we used a of. Is definitely my go to recipe from now on ) and they are better the... Directly from the pan to a wire rack and let it cool a bit more buttermilk, or that came... Spray or line them with the lightly crisped top is sweeter than chocolate...

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