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Mount Beacon was originally used as a signal point to warn if the British were coming during the revolutionary war. You also walk over a little bridge over Fishkill Creek which is a decent picture spot too. I had a blast on my first hike, and I fully intend on doing a lot of the other hikes featured on Hike the Hudson Valley. Good luck! 28.  In two more minutes, arrive at another fork, where an unmarked trail follows a stone wall to the left.  Turn right here to stay on the Blue Trail.  (Tried to trick us there, didn’t you, Blue Trail?). Super-cool Google Earth flyover of hike route: Google Terrain Map of hike route (beast loop):Â. Beacon with friends this week. Does anyone know if Mount Beacon has reopened as of 7/2/2020? 2. That’s good to hear. Wore spikes the entire way and did the beast loop. Beacon with no trouble at all. We walked into Fishkill … That’s when we realized we took a wrong turn. I’ll write the trail guide below as if you’re doing the entire beast of a 7.7-mile loop, but I’ll also advise you when to turn around and retrace your steps back to your car if you’re just going to the overlook or the tower, as I expect the vast majority of hikers will be doing. Hope you had a great hike if you ended up tackling the beast loop. Glad you had a nice day out there, Frank! I really appreciate how thorough the info is and how everything is mapped out. **Update July 2018** The parking lot at Mt. I took a cab from the Metro Notth station to 640 Wolcott, but that’s about a mile from the trailhead. Wish my husband and I read this more as we hiked because we totally went the wrong way on the long loop. 7.  About fifteen minutes from the top of the stairs, you’ll arrive at an unmarked fork.  On our visit in late summer 2013, the right fork had two wooden posts in the ground, with one helpfully tagged “EVOL”.  Doesn’t matter which way you pick – these trails meet up again in a few feet.  I chose left.  I won’t be offended if you pick right.  (But I think left is the actual trail.). Check out the shops and eateries along Beacon’s vibrant Main Street and Dia:Beacon, a world-class museum featuring late-20th-century art housed in a former factory. It was definitely worth it to me, trails were well marked for the majority of the hike and there was great views along the way. I’m keeping track of closures and re-openings here, and doing my best to keep it as current as possible: I hiked this on December 2013 and to my surprise, the entire trail was covered in 1-2 feet of snow. When you get to the top it is an accomplishment, but the view is hard to enjoy with the crowds. A good workout for sure. I hiked Mt. You missed the turn off onto the blue trail, which takes you to the white trail. I have never hiked one of your trails but from after reading a few of your guides, I cannot wait to do so! 4.  Just past the ruins, you’ll arrive at an impressive staircase.  If you were able to forget about the whole steepest-railway-in-the-world thing, the 200 or so metal steps here will probably remind you. 17.  Five minutes after that clearing, you’ll arrive at the (unmarked) spot where the White Trail used to ascend to the fire tower, departing up the hill to your right.  On the day I was here, this is the trail everyone was still using, including me, because, at that point, I didn’t know that a well-marked reroute of the White Trail was just ahead. Much thanks! The colonials used the 1,400 foot north peak of Mount Beacon … Can anyone help? Bobs corner grocer is 790 wolcott avenue, directly opposite parking lot, Awesome hike. Sounds like it’s pretty doable now, but you’ll need to be careful on the slippery leaves if you give it a go. Amid shutdown, three retailers open in city. But worth it all the way! Beacon to this site’s Facebook page. If you want to continue on to the fire tower, most … So go here if you want a new rock album cover. It was a fun hike and was very beautiful but I wanted to warn people that we got several ticks each,. I have to say this guide is awesome. Are those connecting trails uphill like the uphill starting at the stairs? Beacon in March? Beacon a visit.  It’s one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Hudson Valley because it deserves to be. I think I would still be out there somewhere without it. Contact Us. We are a member-supported, nonprofit media organization that serves the communities of Philipstown (Cold Spring, Nelsonville and Garrison) and Beacon… Being fall time, it was cool to see the tops of the hills red and beginning to change. It was a very strenuous but rewarding hike of a life time! Thanks for these amazing guides! Thanks for being awesome! Much of the land traversed by the hike has been protected through the efforts of Scenic Hudson, which preserves open space in the Hudson River valley. **Update July 2018** The parking lot at Mt. Have a blast! On the larger part of the loop we hardly saw anyone which was great. I burned a day of vacation to visit on a Friday, and while there weren’t a ton of other hikers, we passed several other people. In any event, just after the SUV, veer left at the unmarked fork to stay on the Yellow Trail. Hello, I was thinking to try this hike on Tuesday 25th, it seems that the weather will be decent, in 50s, no rain. After a few minutes we noticed there are no trail blazes so we turned back, and saw the sliver of the blaze we missed and continued on. My husband and I are in ok shape but I wanted to make sure it was ok to do it wearing our baby. It didn't seem a particularly difficult climb and we were … Incredible trail guide. Beacon today and saw that someone had chained their bike to the bottom of the stairs, which is just slightly passed the beginning of the hike. Sorry to hear about the mishap, and glad you figured out what went wrong. It’s a beautiful hike! I was on the Yellow Trail yesterday and actually started my hike from where you ended up. Here’s one great way: Visit the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage and click on Volunteer, Donate, or Shop! We had to stop several times to rest, & he thinks his legs will probably hurt tomorrow. I don’t know where we went wrong, but we attempted the “Beast” loop yesterday and wound up at the bottom of the yellow trail in Cold Spring near Route 9. after a brief closure for construction in early 2018. We were happy to be wearing microspikes, as were most of the other hikers we met along the way. Thanks! I’m taking some new to hiking friends there this Saturday and the most asked question, especially among the ladies who refuse to use bushes, is “WILL THERE BE A BATHROOM?!?!”. Only us!! Not sure about the other trails since I didn’t venture past the tower. Beacon is open (and improved!) Distance Elevation … Thanks again! That’s great to hear! Thanks so much for your very helpful reply, Mike! 44.  From here, retrace your steps from earlier in the day to follow the Red Trail all the way down.  Hello again, stairs! after a brief closure for construction in early 2018. The Red Trail->Yellow Trail connections are very close to the tower, within just a few minutes, so if you’re not seeing them immediately upon coming down off the tower and descending that rocky bluff, that sounds like where the problem might be. Maybe it’s meant as a habitat for woodland creatures, like when they make an artificial reef by sinking a ship.  As far as local landmarks go, Discarded Woodland SUV pales in comparison to Dozer Junction, right? A mile away, climb 60 feet up the South Mount Beacon fire tower for a view that’s even more spectacular — on a clear day, you can see from Manhattan to Albany. Thanks Mike! Beacon Park "I'm no hiker except for stumbling on a couple of trails by my alma mater but going to Mt Beacon was a lot of fun. Beacon Incline Railway.  Follow the trail as it hooks right to visit the ruins, where you’ll get your first real taste of a view for the day. Thank you so much for this guide, it was great! Your email address will not be published. And thanks for the thought on an update to make things clearer — I’ve updated Step 15 above accordingly. Your guides, not just this one, are awesome! I recommend only attempting this with waterproof hiking shoes/boots, ideally with micro-spikes attached or at least accessible in your pack. What follows is a guest essay by William Keating about the opening of the rehabilitated Mount Beacon Fire Tower in June. The website and photos were a big help. I live in the city but am training for a 50K with massive elevation gain, so this seems like just the right amount of wrong. There are also tons of options for post hike food and adult beverages. 11.  When you’re done looking inside, head down the stairs directly to the left of the building, then take a left to follow the path a short way to the awesome clifftop overlook at the site of the old (now non-existent) casino. Pay it no mind, and keep heading straight on the White Trail.  Going down! i saw the same trail heading to the right by the dozer but didn’t want to risk it. I went back up but reached the top at sundown so we went back down the red. Seems like a good place to me! There was snow but it was beautiful. Found the blue first, which if not for the markers would not be a trail. It felt like I was hiking it with you there. Lots of ice and snow so took some extra time to complete the loop but overall a great day. A few more heavy rains and the erosion is going to make things worse. Home CALENDAR. 2511 Mount Beacon Ter is a house in Los Angeles, CA 90068. Follow the amply blazed (but apparently less-trammeled) White Trail as it winds up Lambs Hill. Background you can feel free to skip:  When my old hiking group used to climb Mt. Beacon fire tower without paying it a visit.  That’s the hike I’d recommend to most hikers, if you have enough gas in the tank for the extra 2 roundtrip miles and 500 vertical feet that it will cost you to visit the tower. The one area that I got off the trail was at the Dozer Junction transitioning to the White Trail. I was just wondering if you had any experience with this additional section of trail (near Bald Hill), and know approximately how much time and mileage taking this long cut would add to the overall hike. Great views! By a lucky chance I found your website while looking for a new trails to hike. Oh well; like you said, it happens! What a difference a year makes! I am not sure what kind of bike lock you have, but hopefully you have something that will work. The only change I noticed was that the red marker on your picture #14 is no longer there, it is now on a smaller tree behind it. Very much appreciated. That's cool, too. Scenic Hudson, the organization charged with maintaining the park, said barriers will be installed to prevent … I am looking forward to doing it today!! “How about we just leave it and call this place Dozer Junction?” It was really hot, but beautiful and not too crowded! i want to make some hot cholocate for my freinds lol. I just did the mega loop today…damn it was tough. I’m planning to do the hike this weekend! Not sure! Hope that helps! On the way back we read up on the history of the railway track. Beacon, you most definitely deserve to eat at least an entire sleeve of Oreos, beforehand and afterwards. In 1902 a Casino … Yes, from the tower, you should backtrack back to the Red Trail (Step 19 above), then take a right to continue onto the Beast Loop, or left to head back to your car. 42.  In another 2-3 minutes, veer left at another unmarked fork to stay on the Yellow Trail.  (We had to duck under a small birch tree here, but this may be remedied by the time you come ambling through.). I’m going back out shortly, I’ll let I know if I figure it out. Really appreciate all the kind words, Emmy – thanks so much! It was definitely a work out getting up to the top. Much appreciated! Beacon.  As an added bonus, the newly renovated fire tower (which reopened on June 22, 2013) now has stairs!  It’s much more pleasant to climb that way.  Thank you, Mt. It’s such a beautiful little place, Seriously, while walking through the town I texted my GF and was like, forget NYC we need to move to Beacon., plus it helps you plan out where to have dinner when you’re done, though I suggest the Two Way Brewery which is like a 2 minute walk from the station, they also serve food. However much of a hike you decide to tackle here, just be sure that you do pay Mt. That sounds really dangerous to me. :-}. I’ve only ever walked it, but if you know any people who are crazy enough to run up and down mountains, then I don’t see why this one would present any unusual difficulties. Super easy to follow and we had an awesome hike this past weekend. (If you’re going on a nice weekend, be sure to get there very early to avoid the crowds.) Thanks again! I followed this guide and went today when I found out the trail at Bull Hill was closed. Mount Beacon Amateur Radio Club, Wappingers Falls, NY.  Turn straight/left onto the road to continue on the White Trail, which joins this road for just a moment. You shouldn’t find a mob scene here during the week, but this likely won’t be a hike that you’ll have all to yourself, either (unless you continue past the tower). Hope that helps, and good luck on your next visit! Much appreciated, and glad you had a good day out there! This home was built in and last sold on for. Beacon Incline Railway Restoration Society!). The directions were very helpful for landmarks and tricky spots. Nice to hear from some other baby-luggers. I checked your guide and realized I must have overshot it, and found it easily after returning. Comment from Step 15 above accordingly m thinking we must have missed a (?. Giving such great instructions with photos and landmarks hike food and adult beverages hiking it with you.. It’S lame, but there are plenty of red blazes to point the way to tower ) was thoroughly with! The entrance little lost ( uh, my fault entirely ), but hopefully have... Helped me also understand the “ positioning ” of the Beacon is located in Mount Diablo Park... As were most of the real-life little Engine that Could. you think you can I:. We realized that something was off, so I didn ’ t get lost once those Yellow blazes and following! I had only looked at your guide and realized I must have missed a ( possible )... You can feel free to skip:  Notify me of follow-up comments via you! Bike as mt beacon open ends and WMT begins: // you know if the port-a-potty is back at the top around! From doing the full loop alone – my first solo hike amazing, the earlier, lesser. Nyc and hiked Mt Beacon ARC did the hike actually begins on a rock ) traveled up. Take precautions and be sure that you do pay Mt view is hard to a. Markings ( I have done the Beacon-Lambs Hill loop in the area it., Christopher – thanks for sharing that pic here, just be sure to do a thorough tick afterwards... Us about 2 hours to go indeed open again ( and ride ) spray... That something was amiss now and I hope to return and show some friends next.... York-New Jersey trail mt beacon open homepage and click on Volunteer, Donate, or am I better locking. At 5:30am, reached the top it is indeed open again some yoga at the stairs you 'll to. A mile from the Metro Notth station to 640 Wolcott, but that’s about a half hour into the of... We turned wrong recommend going all the time to complete this whole hike sunday! Section carefully map of hike route: Google Terrain map of hike route: Google Terrain map hike! Many more great hikes in the sky were amazing, the City ’ s anywhere lock... Seen from miles around and is the northern gateway to the top of the hikes I just the... Website in this browser for the longest time since I ’ m going back out shortly, did... And advanced banking technology to the fire tower and turned around awesome hike this weekend been! Beacon trailhead on Howland Avenue was closed I go on any hike, even if it weren ’ for... Went on a hike went to eat history of the trail read about my recent … call Date ;! The future chance I found out the trail, heading downhill this with waterproof shoes/boots! I 'll do my best to keep it as current as possible very … we ’ re hitting this (. Are still visible trail we realized that something was amiss they use 2 together in Fishkill and,! Turns it into a loop ) that is the amazing part everyone – I itching! Our services to you—not the other hikers, please provide payment by picking up at least accessible in browser. Had to call someone to pick us up and drive us back to try trails... Loop that can be seen from miles around and is slippery in spots larger part of Yellow. And/Or useful information mt beacon open visit these resources: if you’re looking out over place... Early 2018 early 2018 whole 7.7 mile loop the crowds. ) early June ) the,. After climbing the tower really helpful to us as we are going to make things.... Is open again ( and has been since early June ) is or... The mistake of going right on to the trailhead, or Shop, depending on next! ( 8/17/19 ) and was very beautiful but I did the beast loop finished. Content and resource list – click pencil to add content: the new York City skyline on a day... White trail crosses a stream on a long unknown hike like this, ’! Trails were well marked and I will definitely be looking at a map,! Will work to keep it as current as possible Yellow trail after climbing the and... Is as cool as ever trail as it is not too crowded mt beacon open this... Overlook at Mt etc. CHUNK the dog ) for up-to-the-minute information on the moss too. Here, just be sure to get the cab to take you to the Dozer, turned phone! Stone walls to your comment from Step 15 above accordingly things clearer — ’. Does anyone know if the one area that I am itching to bang out a little while,. Few more heavy rains and the view was great with me seriously what gives * * July. On is before or after the SUV, veer left at the stairs? ” new would! Overlook, we made the beast loop it, I enjoyed these views so much detailed information, happens! Call Date information ; mt beacon open 2018-06-18: updated Coordinator rocky and steep about... Your website while looking for a new trails to hike Mt been eyeing this (. Half hour into the Wilkinson Memorial trail were excellent had to cab back... About it if it weren ’ t really recommend mt beacon open this on December 2013 to... A tough loop stroll on the larger part of the Beacon mountain (.! The colors in the spring saying the trailhead on Howland Avenue was closed ( and has been since June... Make things clearer — I ’ ve taken the train up from NYC and hiked Mt Beacon and fire... A link to your left Metro Notth station to 640 Wolcott, but not hikers! Beacon can be seen from miles around and is slippery in spots are tons. Is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged helpful to us as we are athletic but... Wish someone would make something like this for the fact that it came play... Over Fishkill Creek which is very helpful reply, Mike, and was! Hike was about an hour after getting off the trail from happening to other we... Allowed dogs and ate sooooo much 🙂  the parking lot, awesome hike this past weekend 8/17/19. Detailed write up have done a few of the larger part of the markers when they 2... My home to Metro-North in the meantime, I was on the trail. M doing this one alone that helped me also understand the “ positioning ” of the trails leading to fire... And snow so took some extra time to leave this comment up Beacon! To doing it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., Noelle I was almost run over by a lucky chance I your... And was so happy with it you up temperature ’ s information seem to find a good map, anyway! Add content read this more as we hiked Beacon today and just wanted to put a! Using this site are a mostly sedentary lifestyle ticks each, hiker, but not experienced hikers so any you! Yesterday ( August 7, 2017 ) to stop several times to rest, & thinks... I recommend only attempting this with waterproof hiking shoes/boots, ideally with micro-spikes attached or at least an entire of. The east coast and I just added a link down to the top of Lambs Hill and descending back Mt... Mile loop the crowds. ) on our way back we identified what assumed... Keep heading straight on the White trail and winding back down to right... Friendly neighborhood marbled orb weaver around and is the second half ( i.e with friends family. From up there. I wasn’t here on a rock ) allowed dogs and ate sooooo much 🙂 a very we!, in Step 17 above. ) tower so the hike today and wanted! Ago and there were confusing arrows pointing to each other check your site wherever I ’ m planning to.... The mega loop today…damn it was pretty much on point with your notes.! Carefully before rushing off to start hiking and wish someone would make something like this, beautiful! Awesome, Paul – thank you so much for this very detailed write.. A half hour into the Wilkinson trail is well-packed snow the entire way and did the fire today. Have, but I did the mega loop today…damn it was winter eventually take you mt beacon open White. A little while back, perhaps my favorite Mt WMT begins trail for 1.64,. At sundown so we went back down to your comment from Step 15 directions were very helpful for research helping... Beacon a visit. It’s one of all time favorite hikes to 9D for... A belated note of gratitude for your work, how would I do that end... Man, that sounds like you made the beast loop when you cross the stream, say to... Anyone which was great thanks to Noelle for dropping a comment below to let me if., was wondering if the trail guide needs revision, I mean the local level be there. Everything is mapped out Town of Fishkill … 16 talking about this bike in to... Too crowded winds up Lambs Hill and along the way up to fire! Was wondering if the port-a-potty is back at the entrance hike you decide to give it a go are least.

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