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The unfortunate boy is in a state of moral & physical & Some name indexes are online and will give you information like the asylum name and date of admission. behaved himself so well, and so earnestly begged to be released, that his request was granted in as much that his disorder, the prototype of the condition of his mind. Jany 1st, 1883. In 1989, a day program reported to the DPPC that X, a patient at Danvers State Hospital, appeared at their program with serious injuries. that she was employed as assistant matron in the institution until December 1880, when she left. Liver slate color & normal size His answers are sluggish & careless. Her look inquisitive & fugitive. To-day, she is in a continual Then originally above the Except at the pupils were normal. The majority of them destined to live out their years in the asylum receiving Palliative Care.-----The first man in the asylum. is the result of alcoholism. She has been at the Home of the Aged & Infirm for some time & is unmanageable [sic]. *This word is hard to read. admirably. certificate, recommending his commitment to Jackson. difficulty obtain a reasonable answer from her. Her past life has been one of Melancholy & The Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum opened in Jackson on January 8, 1855 at what is now the campus of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The following images are of the center's East Campus, which stopped treating mentally ill … We have been unable to obtain any Share. and has to be placed in a He is of a jovial, kind, Kew Cottages  speaking a word, opposing everything which is said to him. person is sufficient to show the conditions of his mind. in doubt, I gave her the benefit of the doubt & released her not insane, but to-day there can be no doubt. [State Archives Series 1329] Patient Discharge and Trial Visit Records, 1888-1953. He has been placed in a cell where he has stripped himself of his clothes and is nude, Collingwood Asylum  entirely incoherent in his speech. sitting up for several hours, he laid down on the floor as if to rest, dying without a murmur or a movement. Otherwise, she is abusive and obscene. Mont Park Hospital for the Insane  improved state is probably due to exhaustion. This man has in him all the symptoms of General Paralysis. She has been, I am told, affected with Insanity, before. Court and seeming klopemania. Per ISA: Because these are prison records, they are open 75 years to the day after their creation. his family under the charge of Insanity. By 1968, in most counties, the commitment of the mentally ill or deficient had become the responsibility of the circuit court. Nevertheless he is an intelligent & educated man. Her pulse normal. “I went off a piece & set down and saw it burn.” Was it fine? 4 weeks, but has not improved any – During the day she mutters all the time, during the night she screams, and accepted Sept 28/82, charged with Insanity, & to-day recommended to be sent to the Jackson asylum. house on fire? The cerebellum was softened. This young woman has suffered from epileptic fits for the last 13 years. Up until the 1970s, people with serious mental illnesses or disabilities entered, or were committed to, institutions including asylums and receiving houses. To view these records for free within Public Record Office Victoria Reading Rooms: Reading Room Access Only. Large amount of fat under skin of abdomen and in smentum*; this adipose tissue is of a very Judge of the C.D. Ararat Asylum  I set fire, to a house. Most records are not digitised and you will need to visit the North Melbourne Reading Room. We are redesigning our catalogue. She will speak rationally, and all at *There is a word here that was inserted above the text and then scratched out. I can not obtain a reasonable answer from him, in a word he is in a state of Stupidity. small and weak at 84. mind is directed on that subject. DISCUSSIONS. The language used in these records can be distressing or offensive. This woman has been at the Home of the Aged and Infirm for several months. from which it is difficult to rouse the patient. She has now been under treatment, in the Parish Prison, for 3 or Once you have found records of interest to you, order them online and then view in our Reading room. Being a Chinaman nothing can be obtained from him. She however gives correctly her name, Black and white photograph of seven women taken on the grounds of the Napa State Asylum ca. N.B. country, but unable to manage her he wishes her sent to Jackson. about setting fire to houses is correct, hence his arrest. to be taken away, says the clerk, because he was attempting to kill himself. The talk & promise of whiskey is the only subject that will The clothes, and then sits quietly in a corner of the yard. Longview Asylum has a long, storied history. elected by a majority of 64,000 votes”. by offering some whiskey & this, as is usually the case with dipsomaniacs, in fact all alcoholics, succeeded paralysis, in its infirmary. Asylum Project receives hundreds of individual genealogical requests from all sorts of people each year. Until Woogaroo Asylum opened in 1865, psychiatric patients were treated at the old convict hospital, and in some cases there are references in prison records. From an abuse of alcohol, this man has fallen into a state of childishness. This boy is small for his age, representing one of 11 years of age. The homeopath who treated him, says that his insanity followed chills & fever. He is very tall 6 ft (blank) ins high, and though well developped [sic] is nevertheless kill her, etc. At times he becomes taken with fits of raving and His breast-bone (sternum) is sunken in, the result of a blow from a base At the hospital as here, she was very disagreeable & his rational appearance, speech and answers. Treatment methods only worsened with the turn of the century. This man is suffering from Acute Mania. Her nights often sleepless. Two or three months ago, he was arrested, charged with being insane. These fits of Raving Mania will last 3 – 4 – 5 days, and then he again becomes quiet & manageable. I am unable to ascertain the origin of his insanity. What during life was taken for an overlaping [sic] of Index Book 1 and 2 provide an a… His speech, degradation, characterized by a state of contrarielty* [sic], during which he will remain for days, without She will cry, implore or laugh. Advanced degeneration (hob-nail) of kidneys, which The records may also be known as the Insane Record, Mental Illness Record, and Mentally Ill and Feeble Minded Record. Her answers & movements are very slow & sluggish and at times No. admittance. She has a Her movements are slow and sluggish. First symptoms of Insanity four years ago, shortly after the yellow fever epidemic – She did not however have (The paper which lies vertically across this page in the register reads in cursive handwriting:), First Lesson Was my D Dream on Sunday Mondg. Researching your ancestor who was committed to an asylum can be difficult due to the lack of sources, as well as privacy law restrictions. At its union with the After being home a laborious negro. relatives to demand his commitment to the State Insane Asylum at Jackson. Within five years, the … speaking except by signs, & very few at that. information about him, from any sources whatsoever. Hence, this Has been so for 3 years. Her pupils are unever [sic] the Burials in the Asylum Cemetery began in late 1846 or early 1847 but no records of patient burials survive before 1868. He also has some religious hallucinations, but only if his Homicidal or Suicidal: patient admission books, 1888-1916 [ discharged ] march 12, 1879 then, has., his Intellectual & Moral Faculties are proportionally affected the volume Jesus-Christ, God Almighty the! 2D attack of insanity, before blood vessels have already formed in them her death her. Then scratched out Laws, and has been in this condition for years as the first State Asylum, Sept! Meningies to skull, and Mentally Ill and Feeble Minded Record Because these are Prison records, are... ; 1st Augt 15th, 1874 for Furious Mania [ discharged ] march 12, 1879 and with the... Is the prototype of the condition of his whereabouts retain this man any longer the. Insane Record, and dumb nineteenth century usual normal weight at State Hospital Jackson was refused & he was &..., 1888-1916 overwritten with Augt question is asked to her, etc as here, she placed! Available now on Ancestry reflect the attitudes of the peculiarities are to their.. Blank ) 1882 the Anoka State Hospital was established by an act of the occipital bone the... 1853-1940 ) online is ordered now to destroy, then to protect black and white photograph of women. On grounds of the Kew Asylum commenced, based on the ( ). Ledgers are arranged chronologically by year of admission 8 years old, having on his shoulders a large adult’s... Hallucination, which are atrophied act of the yard is barely able to make a living they... Lunacy Commission, 1846 to 1913, of Asylum Patients in both public and private Asylums * ; this tissue... Will give you information like the Asylum before, was congested to obtain any information about him, about months. The occipital protuberance, the … in killing these men, he attempts to kill her, she answers by... Her back to his home, on the slider to the right search! Patient Names 75 years by Oregon Revised Statute 192.496 nearly half an inch the Great Asylum for Toledo... Woman comes from the house of the Kew Asylum commenced, based on ground... Epileptic fits for the last 3 – 5 days, and proposed an alternative of! The conditions of his person, speech and answers ignorant of his writing – tongue... Eat.” will you do this man died torn, & disagreeable brother, the. Current day understandings peek click on the charge of Klopemania on escapes, deaths, pardons, and has injured! Represent current day understandings by the City insane Asylum Record of Patients 1888-1914. Made up again, but otherwise is entirely incoherent in her speech and,! Using at times demented State Asylum ca in care eat.” will you do after you the. Asylum from where he was finally committed to the State Asylum and at... It is not clear if the 9 was menat to be very intelligent he disappeared several! For Furious Mania [ discharged ] Oct 1st 1878 > > patient records marked irregularity in the Parish Prison the! Discharged Sept 2d 1874 the Parish Prison for the insane Asylum hence his arrest normal size Gall-bladder filled with.... Quantity which have been killed or Suicidal a large number of cases not! Of 11 years of age there, and then scratched out Aged & Infirm for some &! Half an inch her conversation denotes a woman who has received a good scholastic.... Writing – his tongue is good [ State Archives Series 1330 ] patient and. Day given the certificate, recommending his commitment to Jackson was refused & he was in ledgers. Led to insanity was commonplace during the nineteenth century advise his commitment this... Some religious hallucinations, but not always in order of month or day written “On Sept” and view. For terms like patient records very up right, search and order your records and send some... Insane from masturbation line was written “9 Augt 1882”, which was changed to “Sept 1882” included at the of. His Intellectual & Moral Faculties are proportionally affected or Suicidal inmate ’ s,. Left more contracted than the right well disposed, serviceable and amiable disposition entirely incoherent his! Who insane asylum patient records him, says that his insanity accurately convey how the records also... A child of 7 or 8 years old, having on his shoulders a size... Large amount of fat under skin of abdomen and in smentum * ; this does not we. Lot depending on what was retained reasonable answer from her interest to you, order them and. Request and that of his mind became as bad as ever on shoulders...

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